When it comes to getting a perfect engagement ring, most guys are usually clueless about the basics and often tend to buy the wrong ring. Buying an engagement ring is an investment; both financial and emotional and is an increasingly important part of a proposal. Although you are very excited to propose and might want to run to the nearest store and get a chocolate diamond ring already, it’s important to relax and research before buying so you make the right decision. While picking the wrong ring may not compel her to say no to the proposal, it might create a bit of awkwardness which can easily be avoided by avoiding these mistakes.

Presented below are 06 engagement risk mistakes you must avoid to make sure everything goes smoothly and seamlessly:

  1. Not Doing Proper Research

Guys often forgo the researching part and it results in them getting a low-quality ring. You must do your research on the internet before you go to the store to buy the ring.

  1. Guessing The Ring Size

It is never a good idea to guess the ring size because it often turns out to be wrong. While you may want to keep it a surprise, sneak an old ring of your girlfriend and use that size.

  1. Shopping During A Peak Season

Never shop during a peak engagement/wedding season as the prices will be heightened. Try buying your favorite ring in a less active season so that you don’t end up spending a hefty amount. The key is to plan beforehand.

  1. Ignoring Chocolate Diamond

Often people ignore chocolate diamonds considering them to be of less quality. While brown colored diamonds may be a bit cheap, they are definitely not less in quality. The trend of wearing chocolate diamond has increased significantly especially after numerous celebrities have worn it. They have become the go-to option for everyone looking to marry over a diamond promise without spending huge sums of money.

  1. Not Planning Budget

Budget is an important area to consider so you don’t end up spending more than what you can afford. It is also important to consider only those rings that come under your budget.

  1. Going To The Wrong Provider

When you have finally decided the type of ring you want and your budget, do your research and find the right diamond provider. It is important to choose the right diamond designer so that the diamond never loses its shine and stays in top-notch quality forever.

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