A simple question that often triggers fight between couples or group of friends – where to eat? Availability of a variety of options makes it really difficult to answer this simple question.

It is no surprise that fast casual and fast food restaurants are taking over the food industry. The term “Fast” used to mean fries, burgers, and shales on the limited menu but it is the case anymore. Today, you can get better quality ingredients on a fast food menu. Restaurant owners are experimenting with their menus and coming up with more innovative thing. According to QSR Magazine there are 40 casual restaurants that can be the “next big thing”.

So where will it lead to casual restaurants? Family/casual restaurant industry is making a visible comeback. Some of the biggest food chains are taking “cues” from other growing restaurants and making efforts to provide a true experience to customers of today.


Lesson Learned: Customer data is the key. Get smart about it and you will bloom like a flower. The Starbucks raised its loyalty game with Starbucks reward program. The company used customer data to offer exclusive and personalized perks. According to one of the Forbes article, coffee giant program had more than 13 million active users.

How can we not talk about TGI Friday, this restaurant used AI to drive its business growth. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company used customer data to send more targeted messages and this resulted in increased social media engagement by 500%, doubled its to go business in one year and tripled frequency of online orders.

TGI Friday’s strong focus has been on providing true guest experience.


Lesson Learned: Never underestimate the power of social media. No other company is making most of social media like Wendy’s.  With around 2.8 million Twitter followers, Wendy’s popularity on social media is breaking records.  Wendy is making playful attacks on competition which has actually worked.


Lesson Learned: Delivery has created a big change. There are several casual restaurants running slower in the race. However, Chili’s Grill & Bar and Maggiano’s Little Italy (both owned by Brinker International) have become extremely famous for tackling two big delivery trends: bundling and packaging. Chili’s are delivering to go order in clear and recyclable plastic packaging with new stackable bags and better hear retention.

On the other hand, Maggiano’s is encouraging its customers to bundle their orders with extra meals in half price. According to their outcomes, 50% of customers are doing so, eventually increasing the average to go check size. In a few states, China is also offering wine as an option for to go orders, developing alcohol delivery trend.

By effectively using customer data, social media and delivery platform, casual restaurants are taking steps to form long-lasting relationships with customers and proactively address customer trends.

Do you aim to get compete these company and become the talk of the town? Effectively use customer data, social media platform, and best delivery app.