7-minute workout apps are becoming very popular these days and it sure sounds enticing to get back in shape within just 7 minutes, but does it really work? A lot of researches show that although these 7-minute fitness apps sound like a dream, they are effective in making your strength go high and help you achieve your fitness goals.

What’s the idea?

A usual day for an American is jam-packed with jobs, house errands, studies, looking after kids, etc. and no time is left for exercising (or people don’t prioritize it enough to spend hours on it daily). That’s where the idea of the 7-minute workout came from so that people can spend a few active minutes in their day and not hinder other plans.

Does the idea work?

According to the Centers for disease control and prevention, adults should get at least 150 active minutes each week and strength train twice a week. Seems impossible, right?

With these 7 minutes workout apps, the mission has become an easier one to attain. This marks as an excellent workout for anyone who’s short on time but wants to stay healthy and fulfill their fitness goals. These apps have found to be very effective in achieving different health goals, such as weight loss, weight maintenance, strength building, etc. The apps usually work on a 30-second active, 10-second rest cycle to make it an intense high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that does wonders in fat loss because of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). EPOC means that HIIT workouts make your body burn calories even after you have finished your workout. In other words, fewer efforts, more results.

People who do this 7-minute workout vouch for it because it gives them the mental and physical boost throughout the day. The physical differences may not become visible instantly, but the mental boost becomes apparent within just a few workout sessions.

What are the most effective 7-minute workouts for busy people?

Kayla Itsines Summer Sweat Series

The Australian-born fitness expert has presented a series of fitness regimes that provide a 360 approach to health and fitness. If time is a constraint, Kayla’s new summer sweat series is the best bet. It rotates the 7-minute circuit for legs, arms, abs, and works on the entire body for strength training.

Johnson & Johnson 7 minute workout app

This seven-minute workout app address all areas of fitness and the physical health from an expert point of view, meaning that the user has an expert guidance through each workout. It has about 72 exercises that can be tweaked to suit your mood and help you achieve your goal.

Wahoo 7 minute workouts

Wahoo workouts require no special equipment and deploy perfect exercises to strengthen and tone your body. It has 12 HIIT exercises explained via video demos and text directions.

With these 7-minute fitness apps, there exists no excuse now to stay unfit! Incorporate one of these workable apps and achieve your fitness goals without spending a lot of time.