How can we not talk about email validation when it comes to email marketing?  We can’t exaggerate the significance of email validation, but it is often ignored by businesses that use an important marketing tool – Email Marketing.  Email validation is a process that verifies if provided email address is valid and deliverable.  There are some marketers who don’t think that email bounce is a serious issue.  However, the fact is that it is a big issue and one of the key reasons why you should validate your email list.  If you have a bounce rate between 3 and 5%, it is a sign that you must clean. 

When it comes to validation, there is a series of points that you should consider because ignorance can directly affects your reputation.

Skipping Email Verification

If you wish to convert soft leads into hard sales, aim to get valid email addresses. If you’re not putting any sort of email validation on your site then you have a problem. You’re letting bad and poor quality data entre your treasure. Bad data will eventually affect your business. In this case, email validation will help you check authenticity and accuracy of email before storing into the database.

Solely depending on Syntax Validation

On initial stages syntax validation helps you rectify the mistakes however it doesn’t stop problematic data entering into funnel of marketing. You need to use real time email validation service.

Validating through Database

When selection email verification service, you need to be very careful. There are several providers that cost effective, but they only validate using existing database (known hard bounces). It means several invalid email addresses will pass through the funnel and will turn into hard bounces later.

Not deleting dicey email addresses

You are not supposed to keep every registered account.  A registered email address isn’t always safe for you.  There are email verification vendors that don’t check the risk level but Neverbounce offers email validation and email verification solutions that not only ensure validity of the address but save you from risky email accounts.

Ignoring Quarterly Cleanings

 If you wish to get desired marketing results then you need to build strong database. By strong we don’t just mean a lot of email addresses but quality addresses. In order to attain superior level of quality you need to do the cleanings every quarter. You should do this because over time a good email address goes bad.  Sometimes user abandons his/her account, close down the account or leave the job. When you run your database through email verification tool, you would know who to keep and who to eliminate. Remember, there may be cases where one time appreciator become complainer or high risk account that could possibly hurt your image. Be aware and take required measures to meet the target.