Charlie Chaplin said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” 

No one can disagree with him. Life is colorless without laughter. Laughter brings out the best in us. It is the moment when we are truly ourselves. When we are not pretending. When we are truly living in the moment. Can you remember the last time you were laughing and suddenly started thinking about what this might be doing to your face? When was the last time you thought about laugh lines, while you were with someone? Let’s face it! The only time we think about our wrinkles is when we’re standing in front of the mirror. And even then, not everybody hates or dislikes their laugh lines. It reminds them of one of their fondest memories. But there are other times when a wrinkle is just that; a wrinkle. Something you don’t want on your face. 

Laugh lines or the creases that are formed on either side of your face are called nasolabial folds. They are formed when you smile or laugh. The more you laugh, the more pronounced they become. Back when we were young, this was not a big problem for us. Our skin was healthy. It was elastic and flexible. No matter how much we laughed, it always came back to its original place. But as we keep growing older, our skin keeps getting less and less flexible and starts losing its elasticity.  

Don’t worry. We come with glad tidings. You don’t need to stop having fun and stop laughing to keep your face straight and keep the wrinkles away. Below we have described the ways these lines can be reduced. 


Now we all know the various benefits of exercising. The one thing we might not know is that exercise comes with a neat little package of anti-aging benefits. Yes! You heard it right. Want to keep your skin looking young and healthy? Get out there and start exercising. According to doctors, exercise is thought to be the major reason for people having fewer wrinkles. So, even if you have the best anti aging tools in your bag, we still suggest you pick out a routine for yourself and stick to it. 


If you haven’t picked out skin care products for yourself and established a routine then its time you started. Just make sure that you’re getting the right stuff as your skin has varied needs according to your age, pH levels and your environment. But the one thing that you always need, the one thing that must be a part of your handbag is a good moisturizer. It will keep your skill looking fresh, relaxed and vibrant. 


So now that you’re exercising and using the right kind of moisturizer, time to move ahead. Add some skin products that work deeper and in a more targeted way. Go for a serum or a water based or oil based cream.  


You’re trying your best to take care of the lines in the day. What about when you’re asleep? Add skin care tools that are designed for that kind of work. So that you can take care of your skin even when you’re sleeping.