Whenever we hear the word “coffee shop” or “Starbucks”, we immediately start linking it with studying. Studying at a coffee shop has always been popular and now because students have easy access to laptops, a lot of students come to study at coffee shops like Starbucks. Availability of quick snacking and caffeine makes you walk around the corner. It is not economical for everyone to come to coffee shop and study though. However, cost is not the only issue; there are people who feel anxious around other people and can’t concentrate in presence of others. There are chances that you may get too weird on caffeine or get distracted by things online such as Facebook etc.


 Some people are not comfortable with the environment while other don’t go because of fear of distracting others. Though a coffee shop is a great place to study because most of the coffee shops have comfortable seating, calm and soothing environment and not to forget free internet. However, people struggle to focus at one. If you feel anxious, try order a cup of coffee or a calming tea like chamomile to make yourself focused and calm your nerves.  If you seriously want to study, avoid bar areas because stools are usually uncomfortable and distracting.  Go to coffee shops that have great seating so that you could sit comfortably and undistracted.


Make sure your electronic device be it laptop, iPad, or phone are fully charged but in case they are not, try sit near a power plug so that if your device gets low on battery you won’t waste time looking for a socket. Don’t order a sweet drink, you might drink it quickly and an empty cup on your table might make you think that it’s time to leaven even though you have been studying for only five minutes.  

If you enter coffee shop with empty stomach, don’t worry most of the coffee shops sell snacks that can stimulate your brain and keep you focused on your studies.  Libraries are considered great for studying but coffee shops are even better especially when you plan to study with your friends.  Libraries are usually good for individual study and you can’t raise your voice or have a discussion. Availability of these facilities at coffee shop makes it even better place for study. Several students don’t have separate room at their homes that accommodate 4-5 people for a long time. In that situation coffee houses play its part where a group of people can sit for a long time. You can stay at a coffee shop as long as you want but just make sure you keep on ordering drinks if you plan to stay for a long.


 Comfortable sofas and coffee tables at coffee shops are perfect for studying. Coffee shop is favorite place of App users; it is a tutoring app like Uber. Coffee shop and Smart tutor app is a bomb combination. Excelngo is one of the best tutor apps that help you connect with tutors and coffee shop is the best place to meet tutors because they are public, plentiful and quiet.